Keep your eye on urban Milwaukee’s Will Allen

desire4liberation | October 3, 2010 |GROWING POWER – Will Allen
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Go behind the scenes at Milwaukee’s new aquaponics farm and market

A few days ago I had the privilege of touring Sweet Water Organics to observe a closed-loop system whereby fish are farmed and their water is filtered by growing vegetables which take up the nutrients from the fish waste. All this goes on within an industrial building which, only 18 months ago, could have best been described as abandoned space. Many thanks to the Ciancimino family for providing me access to this burgeoning facility. ~ JB

Learn the details behind this three-tiered, bio-intensive, simulated wetland
and CSA farm from SWO’s website and blog.
Below is a new slide show illustrating this summer’s outside expansion.

SWOfarm | August 31, 2010  | Sweet Water Organics is an urban fish and vegetable farm in Milwaukee, Wis. This slide show documents the development of Sweet Water Organics’ first outdoor expansion project. We have nine 5,000-gallon tanks where we will be raising perch and blue gills. These tank systems will be connected to several vegetable greenhouses. Fish and vegetables will be grown all year round.

Time magazine’s 100 most influential people for 2010 includes a gardener

One of the movement’s (literally) towering icons is Will Allen, 62, of Milwaukee’s Growing Power Inc. His main 2-acre Community Food Center is no larger than a small supermarket. But it houses 20,000 plants and vegetables, thousands of fish, plus chickens, goats, ducks, rabbits and bees.

An urban farmer makes it onto Time’s most-influential list for demonstrating to all of us that we can change the world by interacting with a piece of land in a thoughtful way. Read more here.

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