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Next speaking engagement: April 26, Menomonee Falls, Wis.

Wild Ones Menomonee Falls Public Library

It will soon be my all-around pleasure to visit with the Menomonee River Area Chapter of Wild Ones to share photos and stories about my adventures in landscaping. If your logistics and date book would allow you to attend the Monday, 6:30 p.m. engagement, please consider yourself heartily invited. The place to meet is the Menomonee Falls Public Library. To learn more about Wild Ones, please visit here. ~ Joy

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About us and the wilderness we’ve made

I’m Joy Buslaff, former editor of Wild Ones Journal and former deputy editor of The Ecological Landscaper, seen here standing in the shallows of the 20-foot-diameter pond I hand dug. Every few years I jump in to manually dredge the pond weeds which will enrich the compost pile. My posture may not convey it, but I actually enjoy mucking about and reveling in a wetland experience where we once mowed lawn.

Dan Savin, my husband, and I are consummate do-it-yourselfers, relating to both landscape and building restoration. We hope to encourage your growing an ecological landscape with native plants through the news and instruction provided via this site and my speaker programs.

During the earlier years of our marriage, we transformed the building and landscape shown in the two before/after photos below. Today we happily rent this property to appreciative tenants. In 2001, we inherited my parents’ home, best known as Quarry School, an 1868-built stone schoolhouse.


Contact us by emailing

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Sincere thanks to those who attended!

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