Announcing the debut of the Homemade Wilderness weeding reference page

Progress is being made in archiving a series of convenient, concise guidance articles within Homemade Wilderness’ reference pages. Now, when you or your friends wonder how to combat a weedy species, just click on the Weeding Out Invasive Plants tab at the top of this site to become familiar with your management options, then follow the link provided to access the most effective control advice based on current research for combating the particular species of concern to you.

Machines you should know: flail mower

When you set about turning an old field into a native meadow, a walk-behind flail mower can prove to be a spine-kind convenience. You may be able to rent one or hire someone who offers a mowing service. (Depending on the circumstances, fire might be a preferable tool, but executing a controlled burn requires some education, so you’re advised to get training. Contact personnel at your local nature center or state park office for guidance and volunteer opportunities.)

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