Front yards are ideal for vegetable gardens

TheCasualGardener | February 19, 2011 | PBS Television Show “Growing A Greener World” features Shawna Coronado’s sustainable front lawn Victory Garden. Host Joe Lamp’l speaks with Shawna on camera about growing vegetables and making a difference for community.

To learn how to grow your own front lawn like Shawna’s, follow her planting plan at this link –…

Please watch the full episode on Victory Gardens featured by Growing A Greener World TV at this link –…

2 Responses to “Front yards are ideal for vegetable gardens”

  1. wyoming life Says:

    This is exactly what I plan on doing with my yard this spring and summer. I only have one sunny spot in my yard, and I see no reason to have a boring rectangle with rows of veggies.

    I plan on mixing ornamentals, native perennials, vines, fruits and vegetables in an eye appealing way, with a water feature thrown in.

    • Joy Says:

      I’ve gone this direction, and it’s made me a better vegetable gardener. I’m more conscious of upkeep and get better produce. I expect/hope that you and I are on the cusp of a trend.

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