Town builds water treatment system with natural landscaping

ANewsVanIsland | December 15, 2010 | The town of View Royal, British Columbia, is set on improving both its roads, and the cleanliness of the stormwater runoff from them.

A big part of the Island Hwy Improvement Project is the adjacent Portage Park storm water treatment area.

The natural landscaping utilizes a number of native plants, storm drains, and holding ponds to filter heavy metals and impurities, such as oil, before it trickles down into Thetis Cove.

The area is abundant with wildlife, including herons, ducks, and other waterfowl, that feed there.

And despite the short-term pain, these improvements, including bike lanes, are expected to cut carbon emissions by almost 5,000 tons per year, while creating an environment that all species will benefit from.

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