Inspired stewardship involves passion, science, government, and volunteerism

NCState | October 18, 2010 | On a beautiful, blue-sky morning a handful of College of Natural Resources students and faculty traveled to eastern Wake County to learn about Piedmont prairies and help remove invasive, exotic plant specie as part of a prairie restoration project. Staff from Wake County’s Division Parks, Recreation, and Open Space joined them at the county-owned area of some 250 acres that is slated to become the first WakeNature Preserve later this year.

Co-chaired by College of Natural Resources faculty members George Hess and Toddi Steelman, the WakeNature Preserves Partnership brings together NC State University faculty and students, and natural resource and park system professionals from various state, county, municipal, and non-profit agencies.  Their goal: identify and steward the finest natural areas in Wake County for everyone to enjoy.

WakeNature envisions a countywide, cross-jurisdictional brand of “WakeNature Preserves” that highlights Wake County’s finest natural areas and raises public awareness and appreciation of these special places. Continued involvement of enthusiastic members of the NC State community is critical to attaining this vision. There will be many opportunities to become involved in inventory and stewardship opportunities as the WakeNature network expands. Please visit for more information.

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