Review the options proposed for lagoon restoration

prvideotv | October 8, 2010 | To counter the multi-million dollar, mechanized/chemical attack planned for the exquisite Malibu Lagoon by out-of-touch California state officials, the Wetlands Defense Fund and Malibu residents have come up with a “kinder, gentler” plan. This one involves 7 steps to remove invasive non-native plants by hand with community volunteers, plant appropriate wetland plants in areas along shoreline and pathways, and use muscle power — not bulldozers and chemical herbicides — to improve water quality and maintain the current thriving ecosystem.

The state’s plan will kill or permanently displace all plants, birds, fish, and insect species now living harmoniously in the Malibu Lagoon. Their plan calls for ripping out the three charming bridges and central pathway system for a longer peripheral path far removed from most of the wildlife. Please visit for the details.

This video was photographed, produced and directed by Marshall Thompson,

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  1. Marshall Thompson Says:

    Hello, this is the updated link to the Malibu Lagoon restoration video. The old link is no longer working. Thanks!

    Marshall Thompson

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