Graywater system serves as “showcase for what is possible”

slograywater | August 20, 2010  | Noah Smukler, landscape designer and city of Morro Bay council member, talks about water conservation and habitat restoration, including a graywater system for Spencer’s Fresh Markets pocket park in Morro Bay, Calif. For five years Noah and Spencer’s has transformed a dirt parking lot into a beautiful park used by the community and grocery store customers as well as many birds, insects, and other species.

Staring with a few existing native plants and deciding not to use any potable water irrigation, the landscape flourishes as more native species are planted, heavy use of mulching techniques and recycling from various water sources, including a rainwater garden, drain water from the reverse-osmosis dispenser, and a graywater system from the produce rinse sink.

Noah Smukler, with the help of Spencer’s Fresh Markets, created a sustainable native paradise in Morro Bay as a demonstration for homeowners and businesses to follow.

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