Wild Ones presents Natural Landscaping with Native Plants Oct. 23, 2010

The Milwaukee area chapters of Wild Ones are again offering a variety of seminars at Cardinal Stritch University.

NATIVE PLANT COMMUNITIES: FUTURE LANDSCAPES OF NECESSITY — Neil Diboll will discuss how native landscapes provide beauty, wildlife habitat, water conservation, carbon sequestration, and energy and cost savings. He will also present alternative lawns that require little or no fertilizers or pesticides.

10:45-noon (your choice of either of the following)
LESSONS LEARNED — Brian Russart: Creating and maintaining natural areas in our parks. Tips and techniques learned while restoring natural areas in the Milwaukee County Parks will be discussed and applied to home landscaping projects.
HOW TO NATURALLY LANDSCAPE & PLEASE YOUR NEIGHBORS & VILLAGE OFFICIALS, ALL AT THE SAME TIME — Bret Rappaport: A presentation on municipal ordinances with a historical perspective on difficulties encountered by native plant landscapers and suggestions for dealing with municipalities.

1:00-2:15 (your choice of either of the following)
CREAM OF THE CROP — Michael D. Yanny: A description of twenty “must have” trees and shrubs for use in home landscapes. The unique and interesting features that set these species apart will be explored as well as some propagation techniques.
COOL ROOFS — Patricia K. Armstrong: A green roof collects rain water, cools the roof, waters the plants and greatly reduces the volume of stormwater entering sewers. It is also a home for insects, birds and mammals.

2:30-3:45 (your choice of either of the following)
FUTURE FORESTS — Terry Marvel: Creating and managing woodlands at home, schools and work places—combining art and ecology.
WILDFLOWER WONDERS — John Stiefel: Building an energy-efficient, totally off-the-grid house, recycling water from a pond and creating a property filled with hundreds of species of native plants to sustain wildlife including federally endangered species of insects.

Yard tours are offered for Sunday, Oct. 24. To learn about all native plant-related conferences visit for-wild.org/conf. For answers to specific questions about the October event, call (414) 299-9888, x3.

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