Instant outside shower

I encourage  showering outside where water can perform the secondary function of irrigating vegetables or a newly planted tree. Here’s an easy and portable upside-down shower. (You’re left to your own devices to erect a privacy screen, if that’s important to you.) A look around the ’net reveals $65 to $100 prices. ~JB

USAPoolToy | July 01, 2010 | Shower In The Round is the best outdoor shower ever invented. The water pressure is fully adjustable 3-15+ feet at the base with a control knob so you can raise and lower the water height to keep your hair dry or lower it more to just rinse off your feet. Just step off and the water stops, instantly saving water. Fully portable and weighing only 10 lbs. Perfect on any deck or patio near a pool or spa to wash off chlorine or use it just to cool off. Shower in the Round hooks up to any standard garden hose; no tools are required; and best of all it has no unsightly hanging shower hooks. Quality engineered from the bottom, designed for body weights 40-300 lbs. Warning: Friends and family may be lining up to take showers at your home.
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