What I hate about Arbor Day and …

April 30, Arbor Day, a holiday when some people who never think about trees devote a split second to the woody vegetation’s value. Raising consciousness is a good thing. However, when the Arbor Day Foundation usurps a national holiday and promotes the planting of species quasi indiscriminately, I feel true ire. Ultimately, this non-profit organization may toe the line and prize true ecology by recommending you buy or cultivate (by seed, graft or transplant) locally native trees instead of offering nursery clones as they do now — that activity does not add to ecological diversity.

* * *

Because we live in a schoolhouse, we have access to public records and personal accounts about much of what has occurred around our property, such as the Arbor Day installation of this Hackberry tree planted by teachers and students circa 1930. ~ JB

The Quarry School Hackberry (Celtis occidentalis) photographed April 30, 2010.

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