San Francisco EcoCenter — grandest and greenest of openings

Yesterday was a big day for all the folks involved with the creation of California’s latest and greatest ecology center. Some of its attributes are outlined below. Read more here.

  • Eco Machine wastewater treatment. This series of wetland cells and ultraviolet sterilization lamps will treat wastewater and recycle treated water for landscape irrigation.
  • A Green Living Roof to reduce building needs for heating and cooling, provide retention of stormwater on site for reuse, reduce heat island effect of building on site, and encourage wildlife habitat.
  • Solar panels and wind turbine to meet all electricity demands of the building.
  • Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPs) that provide high energy efficiency and strength in the walls and roof as well as seismic support and fire resistance.
  • Native landscaping to help promote water conservation, the elimination of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, and encourage education around native plant propagation.
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