Reminded of my own advice

With the onset of truly pleasurable weather, dear Dan and I can be found whirling around our property like popcorn in a hot-air popper. Being manically frugal, obsessed with aesthetics, and extremely safety conscious, I’m considering all possible (and some impossible) angles for installing an appropriate deck railing on our historic schoolhouse home. This project reminds me of some of my own advice, which I may as well call to your attention while I’m thinking about it. When you’re considering a project, rely on the Google image search function to present you with dozens of options. For me today, the search was for “deck railing ideas.” Adding words like innovative, clever, unusual, luxury, designer, creative to your search (“creative deck railing ideas”) will turn up a whole new class of photos from which to draw ideas. Give it a try. I insist!


Rendering of one possible railing option for our home.

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